10 Safety checks when using your Wood Chipper

10 important tips you need to know about wood chipper safety


The dangers of working with woodchippers are well known and practical methods exist for preventing fatalities.  Failure to adhere to a few safety guidelines may lead to serious injuries and even death. Below is a list of safety tips one must follow, among other.


Inspect before use. Check all safety controls and devices to confirm if they are in proper functioning condition

Wear safety glasses, ear protection, work gloves, steel-toed boots etc)

Safeguard the area around the chipper and ensure it is free from objects that can obstruct movement and operations

Read and understand the operator’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety instructions

Minimum speed first, each time when starting a wood chipper, run it at the lowest setting first.

Do not overload the wood chipper as this can increase the probability of accidents occurring, possibly injuring people and damaging the machine.

Make sure the wood you feed into the chipper does not have any foreign objects such as glass, rock or anything else which may shoot out or get caught in the gears.

Do not leave your machine unattended while running. Always stay in range of all feed control and shut down devices.

Never open the drum area while the drum is still spinning. The drum must come to a complete stop first and the engine switched completely before performing any action on the drum.

Maintain a safe distance between chipper operations and other workers.

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