• Ariens Zoom 50

    Please note that this is a Demo unit.  Contact us for more information.

    The Ariens Zoom 50 Zero Turn mower offers exceptional cutting performance at an unbeatable value. Designed for homeowners with large yards, it enables cutting in up to half the time. This newly engineered platform boasts a lower center of gravity, enhancing stability, handling, and hill holding capability. Equipped with the innovative 12-gauge, stamped XLerator™ deck, this model is engineered to optimize cutting performance. With increased airflow and a tunneled cutting area, it ensures superior discharge of clippings while minimizing clogging and blow-out. Combined, these features make quick work of even the toughest mowing jobs.


    • 22HP/726cc Kawasaki® FR Twin Engine
    • 50″ Cutting Width
    • 6.0 mph Forward / 3.0 mph Reverse
    • 2.5-Gallon Fuel Capacity
    • Mid-Back Seat
    • Fully Welded Tubular Steel Frame
    • EZT Transaxle Drive System

    Ariens Zoom 50

  • Elite 750 5 Speed Lawn Mower

    Our industrial lawnmowers are designed for durability and efficiency, allowing easy management of even the toughest grasses. With maximum maneuverability, they can cut next to fencing, flower beds, or trees with ease. Ideal for maintaining councils, clubs, schools, and other large areas, these lawnmowers ensure professional results every time.


    • Cutting Width and Deck Size: 750mm
    • Mower Type: Rotary with Disc with 3 Swing Blade
    • Deck Discharge: One side single discharge with strong Rubber Flap
    • Cutter Deck Blade Spindles: Spindle housing is made of cast iron with two adjustable tapered roller bearings lubricatable through a grease nipple. Includes a release valve to prevent over-greasing and subsequent damage to bearings.
    • Spindle Drive: All steel pulleys with tapper lock onto blade spindle. V Belt drive through manual clutch, with clutch control on operator console and easy adjustable tension system.
    • Height Adjustment of Cut: Precision achieved by spacers on each blade mounting bolt, which precisely position blades within the cutter deck.
    • Height Adjustment Range: 1″-4″ (2.5cm to 10.5cm)
    • Deck: Both workhorse and cutting deck units are of solid, durable, reliable construction.
    • Transmission: 5-speed with one reverse gear, hydrostatic gearbox
    • Forward Speed: 5-speed peerless gearbox, 11.6 Km/H
    • Reverse Speed: 1 Reverse gear, 6.9 Km/H
    • Engine: 10.5HP Briggs & Stratton

    This mower is designed for efficiency, durability, and precision, making it suitable for various lawn mowing tasks.

  • Gravely Pro 24

    Experience superior efficiency in maintaining your landscapes with the Gravely Pro-Walk 24 High Wheel Mower. This commercial-grade mower excels in cutting underbrush, managing heavy overgrowth of tall grasses or weeds, and executing precise trimming around structures like fences.

    Featuring a self-propelled design and a robust 24″ deck powered by a reliable Briggs & Stratton Engine, this mower ensures effortless operation. Its large 20” composite rim pneumatic rear wheels offer enhanced stability, maneuverability, and traction, enabling smooth navigation through various terrains.

    Equipped with a 1” spindle shaft, this mower delivers the necessary strength to tackle tall grass effectively. The belt-driven deck and wheels contribute to reducing the risk of engine damage and maintenance costs, ensuring longevity and reliability.

    With a clutching PTO drive and service/parking brake, operators can easily step away from the mower to clear debris without shutting down the unit, enhancing productivity and convenience. Additionally, the adjustable height of cut system ensures a professional finish in diverse environments.

    Furthermore, the heavy-duty rubber side discharge chute minimizes damage to the surroundings and enhances trimming capabilities, making it an ideal choice for professional landscaping tasks.


    Commercial mower, Landscaping equipment, Lawn maintenance, Briggs & Stratton Engine, Self-propelled mower

  • Gravely ZT X

    Upgrade your lawn game with the Gravely ZT X, bringing professional standards to your residential lawn.

    Key Features:

    • One-piece, Fully-Welded Tubular Chassis: Influenced by commercial applications, this all-new chassis ensures strength and durability with closed tube frame rails and fully welded construction techniques.
    • New X-Factor® 11-gauge Fabricated Deck: The new 4 1/2 inch-deep deck optimizes airflow, while the reinforced sloped nose provides more room for grass to stand up ahead of the cutting chamber. Caged anti-scalp wheels protect your lawn from damage.
    • Hydro-Gear® Serviceable EZT® Transaxles: Engineered for optimized cooling and smooth running, with new service ports for easy oil changes to extend the life of your machine.

    Elevate your lawn maintenance with the Gravely ZT X and experience legendary performance in your own backyard.

  • Gravely ZTHD Series

    Introducing the Gravely ZTHD Series, the mower renowned for inspiring envy among neighbors.

    Crafted for homeowners who aspire to not only mow their lawn but to meticulously manicure it. This residential mower, often mistaken for a commercial-grade machine, embodies power, durability, and high performance—traits demanded by lawn enthusiasts. It prompts them to question whether their lawn is deserving of such exceptional equipment.

    Featuring the X-Factor® III Fabricated Deck, forged from 7-gauge steel and meticulously engineered to ensure optimal grass dispersion. Its larger discharge opening, integrated baffles, and sloped front end deliver unparalleled cutting precision.

    Powered by a robust Kawasaki® Engine from the trusted Kawasaki® FR line, guaranteeing top-tier performance with every operation.

    Built upon a fully welded tubular frame reminiscent of automotive construction, this mower epitomizes durability. Enclosed rectangular tubing and comprehensive welding ensure unmatched strength, making it a reliable companion for years to come.

  • MAJOR MJ27-180 Green Bee Flail Collector

    This medium-duty flail collector is a versatile machine capable of mowing, scarifying, collecting, chopping, and rolling all in one pass. It’s suitable for various environments, including sports and golf grounds, pastures, airports, airfields, paddocks, and campsites, as well as public and private parks. With its large capacity collector, grass can be efficiently collected and disposed of, with a discharging height of 2.2m.

  • Pro-Stance

    The Gravely Pro-Stance revolutionizes commercial mowing by allowing you to stand upright while cutting, putting you in total control with less fatigue. Experience a new level of versatility and productivity as you maneuver quickly and easily dismount to tackle tasks. Combining the best features of a walk-behind and a zero-turn, the Pro-Stance offers responsive performance in a single machine.

    Featuring a flip-up suspension platform with isolators, enjoy all-day standing comfort and effortlessly convert from stand-on to walk-behind mode. Choose from multiple models with cutting widths ranging from 36 to 61 inches to suit your needs.

  • Pro-Turn 100

    Achieve consistent cutting results and long-haul comfort with the Pro-Turn® 100, offering a choice of three mower deck sizes for exceptional value. Built to tackle the toughest jobs day after day, this mower is always ready for more.

    Key Features:

    • X-FACTOR® II DECK: Fabricated for industrial-strength performance, providing peace of mind.
    • CBT SYSTEM: Our exclusive Constant Belt Tension System (CBT) ensures consistent belt tension, maintaining blade tip speed and cutting results.

    Experience reliability, comfort, and performance with the Pro-Turn® 100.

  • Pro-Turn 300

    Experience comfort and durability like never before with the Pro-Turn® 300. Designed to withstand the demands of professional landscapers, this machine offers unparalleled performance day in and day out.

    Featuring a newly designed mower that prioritizes your comfort from dawn till dusk, the Pro-Turn® 300 takes mowing to the next level with its innovative features and superior cutting performance.

    Key Features:

    • 60″ Cutting Width, powered by Kawasaki® FX730V engine
    • X-FACTOR® 3 Deck: Made with 7-gauge steel for durability and specially designed for better grass dispersion. Features include a larger discharge opening, integrated baffles, sloped front end, reinforced spindle mounts, and six recessed anti-scalp wheels for turf protection on uneven terrain. The flip-up rubber chute facilitates easy navigation through gates and obstacles. Includes a limited lifetime warranty.
    • Dial Height Adjustment: Easily adjust cutting height between one and five inches with the dial wheel. Toolless adjustable foot pedal with internal assist springs makes lifting the deck effortless.
    • Parker Transaxles: Equipped with Parker HTJ transaxles delivering a top speed of 11mph and featuring a 12cc pump. Easily accessible filters at the rear ensure hassle-free maintenance. This complete system eliminates the need for additional parts, saving both time and money.

    Experience the Pro-Turn® 300 and elevate your mowing experience to new heights.


    Our Pro-Walk C lawn mowers are tough enough to conquer any terrain, starting up easily and improving with each use. Engineered for minimal maintenance and maximum performance, they make navigating the landscape feel effortless.

    Key Features:

    • Change speed effortlessly with the simple glide of its hydro lever for seamless maneuvering.
    • Single-Point Height-of-Cut: Provides optimal cutting performance in 1/4-inch increments.
    • Intuitive Steering Controls: Offers a shortened learning curve while ensuring precision handling.

    Don’t be fooled by its easy maintenance and smooth handling; this commercial walk-behind mower is built to withstand tough conditions and deliver reliable performance season after season.

  • RG13 Series II

    Introducing the Mini Work-Force, the most comprehensive line of handlebar stump cutters available. These robust machines offer a commercial-grade solution for your stump-cutting needs, prioritizing compact size and affordability.

    Each unit is constructed with heavy-duty frames, adjustable handlebars, and a powder coat paint finish for long-lasting durability. With quality components throughout, including Honda and Kohler gasoline engines, and top-of-the-line air filtration systems, reliability is guaranteed.

    For operator safety and convenience, all controls are positioned behind the operator station, ensuring easy and secure operation.

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